Abandoned Farmhouse III

Just to the North of Interstate 64 at Interstate 264 in Louisville, Kentucky sits a beautiful abandoned barn.  Resting in clear view from the Interstate, the barn is a gorgeous structure that thousands drive by daily and don't even give a second look.  However, just a few hundred yards from the barn, at the end of Bullitt Road rests a small grove of trees enclosing a house.  The Oxmoor Farm House.  Named after the fictional farm in Tristram Shandy, the house was originally built in 1791, a year before Kentucky separated from Virginia.  
The farmhouse was expanded in the late 1820s and then was rented out to families in need of farmland as of 1863.
In the 1960s, the farm split to make way for Interstate 64.  In 1991, Thomas Walker Bullitt willed the farmhouse and immediate historic properties to The Filson Historical Society.  The abandoned farmhouse has sat ever since.