Abandoned Farmhouse II

At the address of 2704 Echo Trail in Fisherville, Kentucky sits a house that was once top of the line for farmhouses.  With a swing on the front porch, back porch, and hanging from the maple tree in the front yard, this abandoned farmhouse was once a relaxing oasis for its previous owners.

Built in 1870, this abandoned farmhouse was originally built with green shutters.  However, the new owners quickly painted them red, and it became the signature trademark of the house until 2003 when it was abandoned.

Today, the red shutters still stand out as the trademark of the abandoned farmhouse, as photographers flock to it from miles away.  Sadly, what once was a beautiful abandoned structure both inside and out, has fallen victim to graffiti. We could not publish over 30% of our photographs due to the rude and inappropriate things spraypainted on and in the house.