Abandoned Witches Castle

 The events that took place at 5613 Upper River Road in Utica, Indiana in early January of 1992, are anything but pleasing.

It was on January 11th, 1992 that a 12-year-old girl was murdered on this property by four teenage girls.

Know as "The Witches Castle," this property in Utica, Indiana was said to be the home of the first three settlers of Utica, Indiana, which just happened to be three witches.  Their almost completely stone house has fallen to almost nothing over the decades.

It is said that the witches were attacked by the general public, murdered, and buried in their cellar, where their spirits still walk to this very day.

The young lady's murderers went to a nearby gas station and purchased a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi.  It was that bottle that would hold the gasoline that would be poured over her, as she was burned alive that Winter's night in 1992.

Other things/animals are sacrificed and tortured inside "The Witches Castle."  Just as the young lady was murdered, these sacrifices are bathed in gasoline, then burned alive to the death.

Aside from the witch's house being in pieces, it really is a very nice property/piece of land.  It's amazing how the house itself is falling to pieces while the "castle" stands strong.