Abandoned Auto Graveyard

Across the abandoned Pennsylvania Railroad bridge over Silver Creek in New Albany, Indiana, sits a piece of land that was once covered with thousands of automobiles.  That piece of land was once known as the Graveyard Auto Sales.

The abandoned auto graveyard first started receiving and purchasing damaged and broken automobiles in late May of 1989.  In 2002, when The Moser Leather Company across from it was closing it's doors, Graveyard Auto Sales was still a highly successful business in New Albany, Indiana.

Upon receiving a large delivery of broken buses in the early 2000's, Graveyard Auto Sales quickly stripped the underbody of the buses and stacked them as a privacy fence around the property.

Some areas of the "fencing" are only one bus high, where other areas have other added vehicles like semi trailers, and ambulances to keep the "fencing" two-stories high.

Inside the "fence" the property has been pretty much abandoned.  A stray vehicle still sits here or there, but it is obviously nothing like what it was just a decade ago.  Videographer, Jonathan and Lead Photographer, Michael enjoyed investigating the different buses that made up the "fencing."