#tbt - Ouerbacker Mansion

Back in the Winter of 2014-15, long before we created an official logo for our company, we entered an abandoned structure at the corner of 17th Street and Jefferson Street in Louisville, Kentucky.  This historic structure is known to many by the title of "The Ouerbacker Mansion."

The mansion recently sold for $1, plus a $50,000 grant from the City of Louisville toward the overall renovation of the mansion, which is estimated at over one million dollars.

The mansion, originally built in 1860, is a two and a half story Ashlar townhouse built in the Richardsonian Romanesque style.  The "great tornado of 1890" caused damage to the mansion, and the facade and side were added after suffering damage.

Today, the Ouerbacker Mansion is being transformed into six individual apartments.  It is still unclear as to when renovations will be complete, but unlike its original design of a fireplace in every room (photographed below), it is receiving twenty-first-century updates inside while maintaining its historic structure outside.  A trailer outside houses all of the structures rotting furniture and doors, as rain and snow continue to enter the crevices, damaging them more and more by the day. 

The photographs below are from when our crew entered the abandoned structure in the Winter of 2014-15, while the structure was still for sale for $1.