River City Hurricanes beat Kentuckiana Bucks

On September 9th the River City Hurricanes (Louisville, KY) took on the Kentuckiana Bucks (Jeffersonville, IN) in a "Battle of the Bridges." 

The Hurricanes were able to score in all areas.  Through the air, on the ground, on defense, and on special teams.

Meanwhile, the defense was able to come up with the shutout as the Hurricanes won 28-0.

The meeting before...

...the touchdown pass.

Upon the Bucks quarterback receiving a bad snap and missing the ball near the goal line, the quarterback attempted to kick the ball out of the back of the end-zone and only give up 2 points. The quarterback completely missed the ball while attempting to kick it, allowing the Hurricanes defense to score. We didn't see much of this quarterback in the second half.  

Defensive touchdown celebration

Punt return...

...for a touchdown.

The Hurricanes take on the Indiana Cutters this Saturday at 3:00pm in Louisville, KY to try and claim a conference championship and punch their ticket to the league championship game.