Johnson Central at Moore

The 4-0 defending 4A Kentucky State Champions, Johnson Central, traveled to Moore on September 15th to take on the Mustangs.

The Mustangs chose to receive the opening kickoff...

Upon receiving the ball, the Mustangs were led by Quarterback, #1 Rae Von Vaden and Runningback, #29 Larry Johnson.

Vaden marched the Mustangs down the field against the defending State Champs, and after running a trick play on the conversion walked off the field up by the score of 8-0.

Shortly after that, Central answered, and the morale of the Mustangs was cut in half.

Central would never look back. Leading 22-8 at the half, Johnson Central had scored 22 unanswered points against the Mustangs, and they wouldn't stop there.

Johnson Central would score 42 unanswered points against the Mustangs, a team that could never regain their offensive morale and kept turning the ball over.  Johnson Central won 42-8.  Moore will travel to Johnson Central in 2018.