Abandoned Canning Factory

30 Miles north of Louisville, Kentucky sits an abandoned canning factory that once housed the leading industry in Scottsburg, Indiana.

Originally the Austin Canning Company, it was later sold to Morgan Foods.

After tremendous growth in World War I due to the high demand for canned food, the company eventually had to close due to high costs of manufacturing and low sales.  The Scottsburg, Indiana factory closed in the early 1980's.

Due to the closure of the factory, and several others, Morgan Foods never canned corn or pumpkin again.

The Scottsburg, Indiana factory canned corn, pumpkin, tomatoes, peas, hominy, and kraut, but was mainly known by locals as the "Canned Corn Factory" as they produced more corn than anything else.

Today, what use to be a warehouse full of canned goods waiting to be placed on trucks or trains, is now covered with trees, bushes, and foliage.

The dock is rather small compared to what we would see in warehouses today.  No semi trucks were used at the factory, only smaller delivery trucks.

Machinery sits abandoned, rusted, and decayed.

Here are the other photographs we captured:

The fallen walls inside.

Lastly, the building that used to call itself the truck gate, stands with the support of the trees growing within.