Abandoned Train Cars

In Jeffersonville, Indiana, in a small piece of grass between Kitchen Kompact Inc and Kentuckiana Wood Products Inc, rests a number of train cars that are no longer wanted.

Inside three of them, what looks to be the making of homeless peoples living spaces.

Inside the largest car, what appeared to be a lot of abandoned mattresses and cardboard boxes.  This one particular car was in decent condition and was highly secured.

One car was apart from all the others.  It was clearly visible that this car had been engulfed in flames at some point in history.  We could not identify the cause or the starting point of the fire, but it was clearly a victim to fire.

Here are the other photographs we captured from our trip to Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Across the street from the abandoned train cars at the Kentuckiana Wood Products Inc, stands a scale.  The scale has "Love" on one side and "Everything Else" on the other.  The scale tilts just slightly to the side of Love, sending the message that Love weighs more than Everything Else.