Abandoned House on Destroyed Apple Orchard

In Borden, Indiana rests an abandoned house on what used to be a gorgeous apple orchard.

Clearly marked with "No Trespassing" signs in the windows of the house, we were not able to enter the structure itself.

The outside alone told a story to us...

Upon looking to the right of the house, we noticed that there were seven blooming apple trees.

Once walking over toward the trees, we noticed that there was evidence of many more trees that were once a part of this abandoned and mostly destroyed orchard.

This gate used to be the rear entrance to the orchard.  Now, it's the only portion of the whole fence that remains.  A reminder of what once was.

The only form of drying...

The remains of the well... see the tub?

Kentucky bourbon tastes just as good in Indiana, however, something tells me this gallon jug was probably used for apple cider at one time.