Louisville Rugby beats EKU

We had the privilege of being asked to photograph the University of Louisville Cardinals vs the Eastern Kentucky University Colonels on Saturday, October 1st, 2016.

There's no question that the Cardinals came ready to play, played well, and won.  However, multiple sources have been posting different scores.  Some 42-17, others 40-17... Upon conclusion of the game, we double checked with the referee, and he told us, "the official score is 38-17."  With that being said, we have 38 photographs from todays game.

 Kameron Gladney scores the try for Louisville!

Surprisingly, we didn't witness either team attempt a drop goal.  Both teams had their minds set on scoring a try every time they got the ball.  Louisville was finding success, however, we counted five times where Eastern Kentucky was within 15-20 yards of the goal-line and could have easily utilized the space in front of them and made a 3-pt drop goal.

Two minutes remaining in the halftime break, and we just simply pulled this guy aside and asked him to pose.  Needed something to do while we waited for play to resume!