Boyce College beats Crown College 3-1

On Saturday, October 8th, 2016, the (5-7) Boyce College Bulldogs took the field vs Crown College (TN).  Playing at the Woehrle Athletic Complex in Jeffersonville, Indiana, the Bulldogs came out much faster than normal; partially due to how fast the turf was, compared to the regular ground that they normally play upon. 

 When asking Boyce Bulldog, #9 Jesse Ray what he thought about the new field he said,

“Everyone is really excited to play here.  It’s a new place, a new field, we're pumped.”

Speed gave the Bulldogs the ability to get down the field and shoot the ball, but they kept coming up short.  At the 19 minute mark, Boyce College had 6 shots on goal, but had allowed 3 shots on their own Goal-Keeper, Chad Hunter, who was able to keep the game scoreless on his side of the field.
For the next 4 minutes, Crown College would press the Bulldogs, allowing Chad Hunter to come away with more saves.   

It wasn’t until the 23 minute mark that Bulldogs mid-fielder, #9 Jesse Ray would steal the ball from a Crown player, and send it down field to #10 Jorge Saucedo, who got the ball past three defenders and over to #12 Bryce Bishop, who kicked the ball past Crown Goal-Keeper, #1 Danie Manson for the first goal of the contest.  Crown College had at least two, if not three players on #10 Jorge Saucedo at all times, thus leaving someone open if the Crown mid-fielders and defenders didn’t communicate properly.  That player was Bryce Bishop, and Bryce made Crown pay.

Only 5 minutes later, and the Bulldogs found themselves in scoring position again.  The Bulldogs had been awarded a corner kick, and #3 Dalton Zebrak took the kick.  Dalton sent the ball perfectly to the far post, right at the top of the box, and that’s where #10 Jorge Saucedo headed the ball past four Crown defenders and the Goal-Keeper to make the score 2-0 Bulldogs.

That remained the score at the half, however Boyce College was now completely in control with a 2 goal lead, and 13 shots taken in just the first half compared to Crowns 4.

At the 45 minute mark you could feel the excitement in the stadium as Boyce College took the field to resume play.  Substitutions had been made, and the Bulldogs were focusing more on passing the ball short distances rather than longer distances and shooting the ball.  Bulldogs Coach Ward said,

“We were just trying to pass more to spread things out.  They had two, three or even four guys on Jorge at a time, so we were just trying to get more guys open and move things around.”

 #2 Hanyu Wang lead the Bulldog defenders as Crown had many opportunities with the ball on the Bulldogs side of the field in the beginning of the second half, but were unable to get the ball inside for a clean shot.  Goal-Keeper, Chad Hunter kept yelling, “No Shot! No Shot!” and his defenders were responding greatly. 

At the 53 minute mark, Crown looked as though it was gaining the momentum it would need to score a goal, but the referee stopped play due to the Bulldogs Goal-Keeper, Chad Hunter, not wearing shin guards.  Play was stopped, Chad put on shin guards and was given a yellow card.  This killed the Crown momentum as the Bulldogs regrouped.

Balanced play was played by both teams for the larger portion of the second half.  The winds increased from a slight breeze to 15-20 mph winds.  This caused shots that normally would have been on target to completely miss the goal on both sides of the field.  Players abilities to curve the ball and place it where they desired was no longer an option for many forwards on the field.  However, a free kick from just outside the box taken by Crowns #14 Calvin Perkins, was nicely curved around the wall of Bulldog defenders, but was unable to get past Goal-Keeper Chad Hunter.

With a 2-0 lead, 17 shots offensively, and 5 saves by Chad Hunter, Chad exited the field at the 71 minute mark and was replaced by #0 Chris Bailes.  This is where the controversy started.  Not with Chris being on the field or Chad coming off, but what would take place next.  #10 Jorge Saucedo would score at the 73 minute mark to make the score 3-0.  Crown would then march the ball down the field, and Chris made a couple of quick saves for the Bulldogs as Crown took advantage of a new Goal-Keeper in the box. Then, #4 Josh Clay would be awarded a free kick for Crown from just outside the box, between the box and the corner.  Josh sent the ball in towards Boyce College Goal-Keeper, Chris, where Chris would deflect the shot, and save the ball.  However, (as seen below) Chris’ foot steps out of bounds, but the ball remains in play.   

The referee called the ball out, awarding Crown a corner kick.  The kick was deflected by #0 Chris, but Crown Captain, #5 Matt Cole would find the ball off the deflection, and place it in the back of the net for a 3-1 game.  When asking Chris about what happened, he replied, 

“They never should have been put into that position to score the goal.  That goal never should have happened, but it got through my hands off the kick and they scored.” 
When asking Coach Ward about the goal he said,

“I didn’t see close enough to see if any controversy was necessary. I didn’t question it because I couldn’t see it clearly.  I trusted the call.”

Time would then run out on Crown College, and their 9 shots on goal would not be enough to gain any ground on the Bulldogs.   

The Bulldogs have now outscored their opponents 65-62 on the season and improved to 6-7 overall.  Boyce College will face Crown College in a rematch at Crown on Friday, October 14th at 4pm. 

Want more photos from the game?  Check them out below: