Mail Pouch Tobacco Barn 8

Barn 8 is our final barn of this Mail Pouch Tobacco barn series that we've done over the past week. We hope you've enjoyed it, as we plan on taking a road trip to Central Ohio in the coming months to photograph even more pieces of history.  Barn 8 took Lead Photographer, Michael and Videographer, Jonathan to the town of Osgood, Indiana.

39 14.37, -85 29.76 

With no trespassing and private property signs clearly visable from the only entry to the barn, Lead Photographer, Michael and Videographer, Jonathan were forced to photograph the barn from the two closest roads.

With the sun setting along the back side of the barn, the morning sun is really the only direct sunlight in which this barn gets.  Thus, it was one of the best looking Mail Pouch Tobacco painted advertisements we had seen all day.

It was unclear what the barn was being used for, if anything.  With tall grass growing around the barn, but the fields being plowed and growing around it, it appeared that the barn was simply being used as a decorative piece to the farmers crop.  However, as stated, we were not allowed on the property so we have no clear idea as to its current use.

We hope that you have enjoyed this series on Mail Pouch Tobacco barns in the Southern Indiana area.  Comment below and on our Facebook page and let us know your thoughts.  Are you excited to see more in the coming months?