Abandoned Superior Box Warehouse

In December of 1995, a small warehouse was built at 3025 West Madison Street in Louisville, Kentucky.  It started operations with three small companies.  The three companies were Workman & Associates, Madison Street Properties, and Superior Diecutting.

Workman & Associates was an insurance company ran by Roger L. Workman.  After the company left the warehouse and moved across the Ohio River to Indiana, Roger developed cancer.  The warehouse was unable to survive without three companies holding it firm, although Roger still remained the insurance agent on the property.

By March of 2008, all three companies had left the warehouse.  A company by the name of Superior Filtration Products had moved in, but their time within the walls would not last long.  Roger was no longer the insurance agent on the property and the overall appearance of the warehouse was starting to fade. 

By January of 2009, the warehouse had been completely abandoned.  Even though Superior Diecutting was one of the first three original companies to be within the warehouse, their name still remains as the main owners of the building on the iPhone Maps app and Google Maps.  A sign from 2009 hangs outside on the South 30th Street corner, just before the warehouse was abandoned for good.

In 2014, Roger L. Workman passed away due to the cancer that had formed within his body years prior.  Some Louisville natives believe that Roger walks the halls of the warehouse at night, a place where he once had an office.

Photographer, Hope and Lead Photographer, Michael did not see or hear anything suspicious within the warehouse walls during the daytime hours when they took the photographs, but neighboring houses reported hearing things within at night.

One neighbor told us she use to see a man with glasses looking out the second story window at night.  She would open her front door, and he would be gone.  Could this have been Roger?

Another mystery; another abandoned building; another piece of history that sits all alone, except for those who haunt it within.

Notice all the filters on the ground and stacked on skids.

Looking up the elevator shaft.

These wooden steps were scarier than any ghost inside.