Lee Engagement Photographs

On June 15th, 2016, Zachary and Kristin had us take their engagement photographs.

Thanks to the help of Photographer, Hope, we were able to capture multiple photographs both indoors and outdoors.  Due to the weather and the access to props, we started the photoshoot indoors with artificial lighting.  Photographer, Hope captured the first five shots LIVE via our Periscope account.

Once outdoors, the fun really started as we began positioning Zachary and Kristin in multiple areas throughout the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary campus.

Some shots took more prepping than others.  Here, Kristin writes something on her hand as Zachary watches to make sure it looks nice.

Here is the end result...

Zachary and Kristin try to hold a prop perfectly still while Michael photographs their hands, the prop, and the engagement ring.  All while Photographer, Hope is photographing their expressions. 

Here is the end result...

This photograph of Zachary that Photographer, Hope captured is one of the best "I asked" photographs we have ever taken!  Serious, yet humorous.

We have more photographs of Zachary and Kristin to share with you, but you'll have to wait to see them after we have completed the official announcement collages.  But, here is a small piece of what they will look like...

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