Wolf Pen Branch Mill

Just outside of Louisville, Kentucky in Eastern Jefferson County rests Wolf Pen Branch Mill.

The mill has stood strong since approximately 1870.  Records indicate that other mills were built in this location prior to the construction of this one, but it wasn't until 1870 when the current Wolf Pen Branch Mill was constructed.

The wheel has been repaired, replaced and restored several times over the mill's history.

However, the mill itself has needed very little upgrades over the decades.  New roofing and windows have been the main upgrades made to the mill, as its stone body and frame remain strongly stable.

The mill was added to the National Register of Historic places in 1978 and is now protected by a conservation easement co-held by River Fields and the Kentucky Heritage Council.  The easement was donated by Sallie Bingham in 1999.  Sallie still operates the mill at times, located on 412 acres known as Wolf Pen Farm.

With the permission from local residents, Photographer, Michael was able to photograph from water level, while Videographer, Jonathan photographed from above. The short video is available on our Periscope (MCWellsPhoto).

We also ran into numerous new plants that we had never seen before in person.  This primarily happened as we were falling down the slopes as we tried to hang onto trees for traction in the mud in order to get better angles.