Abandoned Warehouse

At the address of 1405-1421 West Broadway in Louisville, Kentucky, rests a monster of a structure.  Composed almost completely of concrete and brick, this 171,000 square-foot abandoned structure sits, waiting for a new owner.

However, at a price of $1,975,000, we don't see the structure getting many tours these days.  Used by multiple department stores and big name companies in the 1960's and 1970's, this structure has been abandoned for several years now.  In its glory, it was a sight to be seen.

Now, the structure has become the go-to place for Louisville's homeless.

With big name companies such as Zayre's Department Store and The Hildebrand Machine Company, the structure is rich in history.  Yet, priced at near $2 million, and in need of over twice that amount in repairs, we don't see the City of Louisville's $50,000 new business grant even making a dent in the new life of this property. 

The view from the roof was breathtaking.  To be surrounded by falling pieces of concrete from the ceiling, and then to walk out and see this...

In the basement, Videographer Jonathan's camera picked up a lot of stuff in the air.  Some would say it's ghosts, others would say it's simply dust.  You decide.