Abandoned House... and more!

We received a lead that there was an abandoned house near the Jefferson County and Shelby County line in Eastwood, Kentucky, close to Valhalla Golf Course, that had been decaying for over a decade.

At first, it wasn't much to look at.  Mold, decaying floorboards, water damaged, the usual for a house that has only been abandoned for ten years.

However, upon entering the basement of the abandoned house, we discovered a rather disturbing setup.

We discovered what looked like three jail cells without doors or bars.  One of which had a bed in it with pink clothes from a young girl.  We didn't think much of it at the time, but then we discovered something else...

...in the barn.

At first, it appeared to be just a simple one stall barn with a bunch of broken 1980's and 1990's toys.  Nothing we haven't seen before.  But, when we went to the upper level we discovered what appeared to be a child-trafficking/child-porn hub, with all the supplies still remaining.

Videographer Jonathan found a small television and a cooler, along with more pornography and children's toys.  Plastic (photographed above) covered the inner walls of the upper level of the barn, insulating it.  This may very well be the entire reasoning as to why the house and property had originally been abandoned in the first place.  The sexual and abusive acts of one individual were caught, and all was left abandoned.

*Note: These are not 100% facts.  We do not have 100% proof that what we believe we discovered was that.  However, it was enough evidence to make our minds venture in that direction.  Knowing that we could possibly be on a property where multiple girls were taken advantage of and used was more chilling than any ghost or mythical monster story that may be associated with the property.