Sleepy Hollow Bridge

No, not the one out of the book or out of the multiple movies.  The one located in Sleppy Hollow, Kentucky.  This bridge is often mistaken for the much larger bridge that is on the main road when actually, the legend is referring to this small one, which use to be covered in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

Legend has it that mothers once tossed their unwanted and/or crippled (otherwise known as burdensome) babies into the deep pools below the bridge, which eventually drained into the Ohio River.  Some stories suggest that mothers even had to toss their babies to their deaths as a result of not being able to provide for them.  It was either feed them or feed herself.  Legend states that as the full moon shines down upon the water, images of newborn skulls appear on the waters surface and faint cries can be heard.