Abandoned Sports Plex Miniature Golf Course


In Cincinnati, Ohio, rests the remains of what once was a thriving miniature golf course.

In the small neighborhood of Sharonville, what was once ranked "The Number One Miniature Putt-Putt Golf Course in Cincinnati, by Cincinnati Online Magazine" sits abandoned and forgotten. 

Owned by Sports Plus, the course was marked as "Temporarily Closed" on their website as of 2023. However, after visiting the course, it is clear that this property has been abandoned for well over a years time; and does not look to be reopening anytime soon.

The greens have been removed, mold covers the buildings, the fencing is broken, many of the buildings on the course have been vandalized, trash is everywhere, it's just very hard to believe that this course is simply "Temporarily Closed" or looking to be used ever again.

However, the property was very accessible, and there were no signs posted that said you were not welcome on the property. The only sign posted was on the front of the gate, letting you know that you could not parking there, otherwise your vehicle would be towed away.

Here are some more photographs from our visit to the abandoned Sports Plex Miniature Golf Course: