Abandoned Lincoln School

At the corner of Stewart Road and Grace Street in Mansfield, Ohio, sits the abandoned Lincoln School.

Built in the year 1868 as a one-room schoolhouse, the Lincoln School received numerous additions and expansions during its history.

The school received additions and expansions in 1886, 1924, and 1927; becoming much more than the original one-room schoolhouse. As the community around it grew, so did the school. 

The stone cartouche above the front doors reads, "Lincoln School." but the school has also been known as: Wallace School, Pleasent Hill School, Lincoln Heights School, and Stewart Road School.

The now 3,834 sq. ft. school closed on June 6th, 1975, as the community transitioned from having multiple age groups (elementary, middle school, etc) in the same building.

The school has been on the market numerous times since 1975; with new buyers coming and going frequently. Some think that the school is haunted, and the ghosts of previous teachers scare new owners away.

The school has been sold to new owners four times in the past ten years; the latest selling price going for $55.000 in October of 2019. That's over $18,000 less than what it sold for in 2011.

You can tell that someone has made efforts to improve the school, and spent a lot of money on materials, but something keeps scaring the new owners away, forcing them to place the school back on the market.

Owner after owner, the school remains officially abandoned after over 46 years of people trying to transform it into their dream home. 

Is this "Thank You" on the chalkboard an attempt to thank the teachers for their hard work and a way of trying to make peace with them? If so, it has failed... 

...as the school remains abandoned.