"The Battle for Kentucky" - Perryville, Kentucky

The "Battle for Kentucky" (also known as the "Battle of Chaplin Hills" of the "Battle of Perryville") was fought on October 8, 1862, in the Chaplin Hills, just west of Perryville, Kentucky.

The battle is considered a strategic Union victory. Referred to as the "Battle for Kentucky" by the locals, seeing as Confederate General, Braxton Bragg withdrew to Tennessee soon thereafter. The Union retained control of the critical border state of Kentucky for the remainder of the Civil War.

Union casualties totaled 4,276 (894 known deaths, 2,911 wounded, 471 captured or missing).

Confederate casualties were 3,401 (532 known deaths, 2,641 wounded, 228 captured or missing).

In total, casualties totaled 20% of those men involved. 1 in 5 men either lost their lives, were wounded, or were captured or missing.

Photographs were taken from the area circled on the map (at 3:55pm, before the Confederacy claimed the small hill where the cannon now rests).