2 Alarm Fire in St. Matthews, Kentucky

What was originally reported as an electrical fire in the 100 block of Breckenridge Lane, and was quickly upgraded to a box alarm. Battalion 4 had Command.

Chief 5 assumed Command and ordered an extra engine and truck, as it was discovered that the fire that originally started in the Simply Mac store at 128 Breckenridge Lane, was quickly spreading to the Domino's and Scheller's next door.

All personnel was ordered out of the structure and a ladder pipe was started.

It was upgraded to a 2nd Alarm fire as more assistance was requested, including 2681 and 2684 of St. Matthews Fire & Rescue.

Command then ordered the assistance of two more engines and one more truck. The 2nd Alarm fire was now only one engine away from being considered a 3rd Alarm fire. 

As of 7:20pm on July 17th, 2019, Command reported all companies on scene had control of the fire. The current crew still on site was:
E4, E20, Q10, BC4, E8, E11, T7, E21, C5, BC2, E5, T2, TS9, T1, C1, BC80, Rehab 12, 
Air/Utility 16, C501, C2, BC70, C3, E18, E6, Q9, Vent 15, Fuel Truck. - 2681 & 2684 had exited the site.

It was reported shortly after 8:00pm that the scene was being cleared and taped off.

From what we could see on site, it does not look like any of these three local businesses will be opening their doors anytime soon.

The total damage has yet to be assessed. We would guess that the structure(s) will have to be demolished and rebuilt.

It is also not clear what additional damage was done to businesses or properties behind the three main businesses that were involved in the fire.