Abandoned Brick Factory

General Shale Brick is the leading building materials manufacturer in North America. Celebrating its 90th year in 2018, General Shale has a deep history.

With multiple job postings, latest project photos and new highly satisfied customers, it doesn't look like the company is going anywhere anytime soon.

However, the plant in Fairdale, Kentucky (in the Southern portion of Louisville, Kentucky) remains abandoned and available for purchase.

While the homeless have moved in and claimed certain buildings and areas to themselves, the property being abandoned and for sale remains a mystery for such a successful company.  If they were simply moving, why didn't they take their things with them?

A rich history rests still amongst the grounds of the abandoned General Shale Brick plant in Louisville, Kentucky.

With many buildings still standing tall and proud, you really have to question why they left such a large and open space.

Many previous employees have written very harsh comments about working at this particular location on different websites. Making comments that they loved their job, but having to learn 4-5 different jobs on the property and put in endless hours of overtime, was simply not what they signed up for. 

Is this one of the main reasons why employees don't walk these grounds anymore?

A group known as "Louisville Brickyard Off-Road Park" has been trying to purchase the property for over a year now, trying to convert it into an ATV park/property; but according to their Facebook page, they keep getting outbid by others looking to purchase the property. However, the for sale sign still stands strong along the main road.

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Here's what we captured while visiting the abandoned property: