River City Hurricanes Fall Short in Preseason Opener

The River City Hurricanes opened up the 2018 Preseason at home against the Butler County Broncos.

The Hurricanes offense struggled early on. First-year Quarterback, #4 Dunnaway struggled early behind an offensive line that could not remain consistent.

Upon Head Coach, Greg Nolan removing Dunnaway, #6 Patterson came into the game.

Patterson struggled, still not getting good blocking up front against a large Bronco defensive line.  However, on 4th and very long, Patterson put up a prayer to #10 Britton...

...#10 Britton was unable to come down with the ball, as it was tipped by a Broncos defender, but #22 Britton was there for the catch and to put the Hurricanes up 6-0.

Turnovers played a huge part in the second half, as the Hurricanes found themselves down 6-14 at the start of the second half.

However, the Hurricanes offense was not able to capitalize on any of the turnovers that the defense forced. In the end, the Hurricanes fell to the Broncos by the score of 6-20.

The Hurricanes have a lot to work on in the coming days before the start of the regular season.  The offensive and defensive lines have a lot of adjustments to make in order to become solid units.