Abandoned Beulah Park Update

After opening in 1923 as the first and only thoroughbred racetrack in the State of Ohio, the front and rear gates of Beulah Park only open to construction traffic these days.

Almost 100 years later, the track, grounds, and even some of the memories, have been abandoned by the locals.

Last time we visited the abandoned track, the grandstand still stood proudly.  Almost everything else had been demolished, but the grandstand stood as the single dominating piece of Beulah Park history.  Today, it is no longer.

The site was so abandoned that we were even able to drive right out onto the decaying track itself.  To think of the number of jockeys that same this same view coming around the far turn, yet today, we drive on it as nothing but dirt.

It is still not 100% clear as to what is going to come of the property. Yeah, multiple ideas and rumors are in the air, but nothing specific has been finalized yet.

Meanwhile, it has become a safe haven for the deer.