Abandoned HiLi Swimming Pool

HiLi Swimming Pool was one of Louisville, Kentucky's Outer Loop's prime attractions in the 1960's.

Today, the City of Louisville is in the process of demolishing the place that once hosted over 200 people on a daily basis during the Summer months.

The previous owner of HiLi, Robert Holloway, had major fines building up as he tried to sell the abandoned swimming pool to potential buyers. Robert passed away in early 2016, and the estate made an agreement in court (due to him not being able to be present).

After years of sitting and giving new life to nothing but mosquitos, the estate would be ordered to crack the pool, demolish the building (which they demolished into the deep end of the pool), and pay close to $8,000 in fines.

Metro Councilwoman, Madonna Flood, doesn't know what to expect moving forward. In the Summer of 2016, Flood told WDRB News:
"My first step is to get the area cleaned up, and then we'll let the estate decide what they want to do with the property."

Flood also told WDRB News:

"Right now, it's zoned as an R4"

That means that the property is currently for sale for residential use for single family homes.

To think, that in the next few years, people could be sitting in their living rooms watching television, not knowing that the very spot in which they are sitting, use to be the same place where the HiLi diving board once was.

However, seeing as a year after demolition officially started, the main building still remains in the diving section, we don't see progress going too quickly. This walkway once led from the parking lot to the front gate where families entered each and every Summer.

Just before the pool closed, this walkway was built to allow guests to park in the church parking lot next door due to the popularity of the pool. Sadly, it wasn't used for very long.

  Here's the other photographs we captured while at the abandoned HiLi swimming pool: