Abandoned Farm House - Lick Creek

Near the Northern part of Lick Creek near I-71 in the State of Kentucky, sits a small farmhouse that speaks history inside and out.

We must admit, it wasn't the easiest to get to.  Unable to be located via satellite due to a large amount of vegetation that has consumed the property over the past three decades, we found ourselves in the Lick Creek itself at one point.

 However, once we reached the property we set out for, we were simply taken away at the time capsule we had just discovered.

 Multiple pieces of furniture littered the front yard from the door to the creek itself.  Most items could be identified as being from the 1960's or newer.

It's not that we didn't know that these items were used in history, it's just the fact that we found them in rather good condition.  The well for example.  We've seen plenty of wells, but this one still had water in it.  As if it was just waiting to be pumped.

You could tell that the outhouse was not in its original location and had slid down the hill due to mud and wet conditions.  It was very unstable and about to fall down the hill towards the Lick Creek below.

Once inside we discovered even more historical items that were older than all of us.

A small portion of the rear of the house had been destroyed by what appeared to be weathering and deterioration.  By what we found, we have reason to believe this was the kitchen at one point.

We traveled up the stairs to discover the attic, which we believe was used more as a bedroom or living space instead of storage space.

This phonebook is dated: June 1981

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