Abandoned Grain Elevator in New Albany, Indiana

In the late 1880's, Edward Nathaniel McDonald created a company know as the McDonald Company.

Together with William E. Keller, McDonald went into the feed and grain business with a capital of $15,000 under the firm name of the McDonald Company. Initially a $100,000 a year business, it increased to over $12,000,000!

Photo Credit: New Albany Floyd County Public Library / Indiana Historical Room Archives 
Photo/Etching done approximately 1920

Later, this company made its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, where they built a feed mill and were officially organized as the McDonald Grain & Milling Company with a capital of $200,000, McDonald being the President and Keller being the Secretary and Manager. As business increased, they also went into flour milling, putting up their first mill in 1898.  McDonald was the principal stockholder and President of Globe Mills until 1899 when he passed away.

In approximately 1909, the McDonald & Co. Grain Elevator was built in New Albany, Indiana.  Functioning at full capacity in 1920 (as shown in the etching), the grain elevator served both the commercial trucking and railing industries.

Today, the rails are covered with dirt and grass from decades of various weather; and the elevator stands abandoned.

Here's what else we captured from up closer at the abandoned grain elevator....