Mail Pouch Tobacco Barn 6

Barn 6 of our Mail Pouch Tobacco barn series lands Lead Photographer, Michael and Videographer, Jonathan just outside of Versailles, Indiana.  This was one of Lead Photographer, Michael's favorite barns of the trip!

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You can see the word "chew" at the very top of the barn, but the rest of the Mail Pouch Tobacco advertisement has faded off.  Not just to reveal rotting wood, but to reveal the advertisement that was there before the Mail Pouch Tobacco advertisement... the Old Loyalty Tobacco advertisement.

The barn reads, "Old Loyalty. Cigarette Tobacco, Big Bag and Papers 5 cents"  We asked the owners what the barn looked like when it was a Mail Pouch Tobacco barn.  The owner replied that the barn is "over 100 years old" and showed us this painting...

In its glory, this barn was seen by hundreds daily traveling U.S. 421 North in route to Versailles, Indiana.

We are guessing that due to the design of the roof on this barn, the sun has not been able to damage and fade the portion of the barn that reads, "Chew."

This barn defanitally holds a tramindus amount of history, not only for the Old Loyalty and Mail Pouch Tobacco companies, but for the City of Versailles, Indiana.

There's only two more barns to publish from our Mail Pouch Tobacco barns in Southern Indiana.  We hope you'll read about them on our website this weekend!