Mail Pouch Tobacco Barn 4

Barn 4 in our Mail Pouch Tobacco barns series brings Lead Photographer, Michael and Videographer, Jonathan to a property just East of Belleview, Indiana.

38 50.69, -85 21.20

A property that is now covered in trees, the Mail Pouch Tobacco advertisement is very difficult to view from the road.  At least forty trees stand in the small field between the dirt road next to the barn and the actual road.  Here is a photograph of the barn before many (if any) of those trees were growing.

Here is a photograph taken from the road via our iPhone.  It only shows a small portion of the large field, now consumed by trees.

It appears that the top of the word "Chew" was removed at some point in the barns history, although we did not gather any information that would suggest that completely.

The owner of the barn is named Scott.  Scott told us that the barn belonged to his father, and in the early 1960's Mail Pouch Tobacco approached his father and offered him $60 to paint the advertisement on the side of the barn.  Being a tobacco lover himself, Scott's father came to the deal of a 1-year supply of Mail Pouch Tobacco and $20.

Scott showed us where the artist that painted the barn signed his initials.  We can't make out what it says.  Looks like a "40" to us, but Scott tells us that it is the painters/artists signature.

Stay tuned through this series as we visit more Mail Pouch Tobacco barns in Southern Indiana.