Decaying Mail Pouch Tobacco Barn

One of the very few Mail Pouch Tobacco barns that are still standing in the Western portion of the Bluegrass State, this one in Bedford, Kentucky surely shows its history.

This photograph below shows the barn in its current condition, and the small photograph in the upper right-hand corner is of the barn in its full glory.

Not many Mail Pouch Tobacco barns still stand.  Many people have let their barns decay and crumble over time, yet even some of those still remain standing and useful.

Some have been repainted and maintained year after year to hold their original beauty and historical value.  But, that is not the case with this perticular barn.

We had the previlage of meeting the owner of the barn.  He said, 

"It has not been painted since originally built and painted in 1986.  I always wanted to repaint it, but now I can hardly see where the letters are.  It still holds a couple horses and my goats and chickens, but... I don't know how much longer it will last."

Here are a few more photographs that we captured on our trip to Bedford, Kentucky.