St. X takes down #5 Meade County 9-1

The St. Xavier High School Tigers (Louisville, KY) sent #5 Meade County High School (KY) home with only their third loss of the 2016 season, ending their eight-game winning streak.

The first three innings were scoreless.  Meade County committed an error behind the plate, which turned into the batter advancing all the way to 2nd base.  

However, the inning was short lived as the runners attempt to steal 3rd base was unsuccessful.

Finally, in the 4th inning, Meade County got on the board.  Heading into the bottom of the 4th, Meade County led 1-0, but the Tigers used that motivation to their advantage.

St. Xavier scored 9 runs in the 4th inning and lead 9-1 at the end of four, and that was the final score of the game after 7 innings of play.

Upon talking with the Assistant Coaching Staff of St. Xavier before the game, they commented,

"This is a great team.  It's high school baseball, though... anything can happen.  It's not like the pros where these kids are going to be consistent game after game.  We would like to have a record like Meade County, but it's just not realistic with our schedule this season.  But, we'll see if our boys can bring in a W tonight verse this #5 powerhouse.  It's an excellent team."