Abandoned Farmhouse

In Prospect, Kentucky sits a house that has stood since before 1800.  In 1799, Thomas and Mary Rone built a two-story log structure that would serve as the home of the Trigg Family for five generations.

The 304-acre farm that the house was built on was known for its conservative approach to farming.  Far into the 20th century you could still find mules and horses being used along with tractors.  The Trigg Family harvested seed orchard grass at a rate of 1,600 bushels per season.  Unlike its neighboring farms, the Trigg farm did not ever harvest tobacco.  With 131 of its 304 acres tillable, the Trigg's also had 42 acres for wheat, and 13 for barley.  With five generations of history in the household, one of the Trigg daughters married a gentleman by the name of Hood, and that name became part of the family's history as well.

Across the field, about one hundred yards from the house sits the Trigg-Hood Family Cemetery, where all family members have been laid to rest.  Even two-year-old Minnie May lays at rest in the family cemetery (photographed below).