Abandoned AME Quinn Chapel

Located at 912 West Chestnut Street in Louisville, Kentucky is one of the cities most beautiful architectural pieces, wasting alway into the past.  Buildings are no longer made with this fine of detail and inspirational motive as was the Quinn Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church.  Today, it sits empty, decaying at one of the city's busiest intersections, lucky to even receive a glance as motorists drive past.

The Gothic Revival (style) church was built in 1884, and in 1980 was entered into the National Register of Historic Places.  However, since then the building has done nothing but decay, being held together by reinforcements, having every point of entry boarded off, and been marked as "highly dangerous to enter" due to the risk of the building collapsing upon any major shifts within.  Such a beautiful structure, yet I fear her time is coming to an end...  

This is what the church looked like in 1980
(photograph via National Register of Historic Places).