East End Warriors - Senior Scrimmage

Today the East End Warriors Senior team took on the Fern Creek Tigers in a scrimmage at the Pigskin Preview at Sky View Park in Jeffersontown, Kentucky.  The Warriors offense took the field with confidence, scoring on their very first play.  A 70 yard touchdown run (which can be viewed on our Instagram account). Lead by Quarterback Jonathan Ferriell, and scoring both on the ground and through the air, the Warriors offense was able to put up 18 points vs the Fern Creek Tigers.

The defense was amazing too, allowing 0 points.  A much better result than their previous scrimmage earlier in the week.  The Warriors are still adjusting to being back on the field during the Senior games, as the last two seasons have been unsuccessful in fielding a Senior team.  The Seniors officially open the season at Hikes Point next Saturday afternoon at 4:00pm.