A look at Region 7 Girls Soccer heading into the 2022 season:

Sacred Heart Academy

+ Region 7 Champions in 2021 with a 2-1 W over Assumption

+ Outscored their opponents 117-22 in 2021

- 5-0 L to Notre Dame during the regular season of 2021. - Notre Dame went on to become State Champs

- 3-2 (OT)  L to Bardstown in the first round of the State Tournament in 2021 

*Look for SHA to make another strong push in 2022. GK #1 Ameerah Maamry returns for the Valkyries as a Sophmore. With the defense only allowing 22 goals in all of 2021, and the offense scoring 117 goals in 2021, we look for the same style of play to be present in 2022. A strong Senior class takes the field for Sacred Heart this season, with the tools and the talent to win it all. 


+ 26th District Champions in 2021

+ Biggest L in 2021 was only by 3.

- GK #99 Sarah Glenn and GK Paige Hagan graduated in 2021

- 2-1 L (PK) to SHA in the 2021 Region 7 Championship Game

*The Rockets come into 2022 after losing to SHA in the Region 7 Championship Game in penalties kicks. The Rockets should be hungry for revenge on the Valkyries. However, we don't see Assumption able to be in the top spot at the end of 2022. With a very strong sophomore class, we look for Assumption to be the team to beat come the 2023 season. Not that they won't finish 2022 in the Top 5 or even the Top 3, but we just don't see them overtaking SHA or even Ballard in 2022. 


+ Only lost 2 Seniors in 2021

+ 6-0 W over CAL for the 28th District Championship in 2021

+ Outscored opponents 111-39 in 2021

+ Sophmore GK #24 Natalie Scianimanico returns

+ Mid-Fielder Ella Sanchez returns for her Senior year

- Lost to SHA 3-1 in the Region 7 Tournament in 2021

*We're looking for Ballard to be the team to beat in 2022 if the team can stay healthy, and if new Head Coach, Jason VanderPol can continue the success of the previous Head Coach, Steve Cunningham. With being the only team in Region 7 other than SHA to score over 100 goals in 2021, this 2022 class has the talent to go all the way. Led by Senior, Ella Sanchez and her 144 career goals and 60 career assists (64/14 in 2021), the Lady Bruins should be the team to beat if they can bring last season's chemistry back under Coach VanderPol. VanderPol's coaching style will be key to Ballard's success or failure in 2022.  

Louisville Collegiate:

+ Junior GK #20 Charlotte Doninger returns

+ 9 shutout victories in 2021

- 11 Seniors graduated in 2021

- 1-0 L to Male in the 26th District Tournament

- GK #92 Anna Chung graduated in 2021

*Even though Louisville Collegiate finished 2021 with a 12-3 record, the Amazons' victories were not over teams that were that strong. Wins over Waggener, Whitefield Academy, and Brown were not major accomplishments in 2021. The strength in schedule is going to have to be far greater before we can start to fully trust the talent that is at Collegiate. Plus, losing 11 Seniors in 2021, one of them being your GK, Collegiate is going to have a lot of rebuilding to do in 2022 with its younger leadership. 

DuPont Manual:

+ 25th District Champions in 2021

+ Sophomore GK #00 Morgan White returns

+ 10 Seniors return in 2022

- Lead scorer, #10 Paige Neal graduated in 2021

*Manual comes off a 10-8 season in 2021. A winning season, but the Lady Crimsons were unable to produce a win against any team ranked higher than them other than Ballard, who they defeated 7-4 to open the season. The team put up a fight against SHA, South Oldham, Assumption, and Notre Dame, but were not able to come away with a win. They did win their district, and with 10 Seniors returning for 2022, we look for them to repeat that success in the 25th district, but Head Coach Diego Romero needs to have his ladies not only prepared for district games but regional ones as well in 2022.


+ Started 2021 with a record of 6-1-2

+ Junior GK #1 Olivia Baker returns

+ Junior GK #0 Elena Pender returns

- L 6-0 to SHA in 27th District Championship Game in 2021

- L 6-0 to Manual in Region 7 Tournament

*The Lady Ravens should have anywhere from 8-10 Juniors on their team in 2022. Atherton finishing the 2022 season in the Top 5 in Region 7 is very possible. Both of their goalkeepers return for 2022, both for their Junior year, and as long as they can stay healthy, the Lady Ravens will not be a team to be overlooked. After starting 2021 at 6-1-2 with wins over CAL, Eastern, and KCD, Atherton has the ability to be a Top 5 contender in 2022.

Christian Academy of Louisville:

+ Junior GK #3 Samantha Durstin returns

+ Junior GK #21 Audrey Curtis returns

- L 6-0 to Ballard in 28th District Championship Game

- L 7-0 to Assumption in Region 7 Tournament

- #10 Lily Andres graduated in 2021

*CAL comes into the 2022 season after a 2021 season of ups and downs. They were either winning games back-to-back or losing games back-to-back. They never could really get off the rollercoaster that 2021 presented to them. They were able to go 7-8-1 overall, and 4-4 in district play, which some may classify as a "winning season." The Lady Centurians were very "middle-of-the-road" last season, and we look for them to be the same in 2022. A very close GF & GA number, and a record that is about a 1:1 win, lose ratio. This is a young team with great potential, but unless we see a defensive star emerge, it's looking like another middle-of-the-road season again for CAL. 

Kentucky Country Day:

+ Junior #10 Sonia Djurasovic returns

+ Senior GK #1 Marissa Read returns

- 5 Seniors graduated in 2021

- Only 37 GA & 33 GA in 2021

*The Lady Bearcats enter 2022 with a very strong group of underclassmen; one that consists of five Juniors. If KCD can have a productive offseason, they have the ability to push for a Top 5 spot in Region 7. However, the offense is going to have to be able to score more and rely less on #10 Djurasovic. The Lady Bearcats' defense and GK #1 Read, only allowed 33 goals all of the 2021 season (4th best in the entire region), yet the offense weighed heavily on the abilities of #10 Djurasovic, rather than utilizing others' talents. Better ball control on offense and having more offensive weapons is the key to a Top 5 run for KCD in 2022.


- 3-0 L to Assumption in the 26th District Championship Game in 2021

- 3-1 L to SHA in Region 7 Tournament

- Shutout 6x in 2021

- GK #30 Hanna Hargrave graduated in 2021

*The 2022 season does not look good for the Lady Bulldogs of Male. After shutting out Moore 15-0 to open the 2021 season, the Lady Bulldogs' offense struggled. Male was able to score 15 goals against Moore, and 12 against Brown in 2021, but averaged less than 1 goal per contest throughout the rest of the season. They showed that they could hang with the higher-ranked teams, especially towards the end of the 2021 season, but a one or two-goal differential mostly landed them in the losing column. Male really needs their offense to step it up in 2022 if they want to find themselves any higher than  9th or 10th position in the region come the end of the season. 


+ Sophmore GK #1 Hannah Sullivan returns

+ Junior GK #0 Mariana Castro returns

+ #11 Julia Shoemaker returns

- 7 Seniors graduated in 2021

- #10 Emma Kerpestein graduated in 2021

*Even after losing five Seniors in 2021, the Lady Eagles have a lot of underclassmen returning, as well as two high-quality goal-keepers that have yet to reach their full potential. After only winning five games all of last season, we look for Head Coach, Aaron Bridge to make some adjustments and to focus on the team's mural, as their season starts with some demanding games; and how the team responds could be the key factor to a winning season or another losing season in 2022.


+ Freshman Taylor Morris returns

+ 6 Seniors in 2022

+ Senior GK #2 Michelle Riley returns

- Only non-Covid or Forfeit wins in 2021 were Seneca (12-1) and Presentation (4-2)

- GF in 2021: 21 - GA in 2021: 68

*Freshman Taylor Morris is coming off a Championship season at the middle school level. Morris will be key to the Lady Bears' success in the coming seasons. However, Brown has yet to develop and reach the speed of other teams throughout Region 7. The slow-paced offense and the young defense of Brown is going to be a force in the coming years. As for 2022, they still have a lot of growing to do, and we look to see them fight for a Top 10 spot. 


- 13-0 L to Manual in 25th District Championship

- 13-0 L to Ballard in Region 7 Tournament

- 11 Seniors graduated

*With over half the team graduating in 2021, Central definitely has some work to do if they don't want to find themselves in the bottom four of Region 7 again in 2022. With being outscored (almost) 2-1 in 2021, Central needs a complete makeover. This team has the potential to be a Championship winning team in the coming years, but we just don't see it happening in 2022.


+ 6 Seniors return for 2022

- Only wins in 2021 were against Seneca (twice) and Presentation

- GF in 2021: 19 - GA in 2021: 62

- 7 out of 8 losses in 2021, the Lady Wildcats were unable to score

*The Lady Wildcats can not score. The offense was slow, disorganized, and sloppy in 2021; allowing for teams to capitalize on them early and often. The Lady Wildcats walked off the field (or forfeited/Covid) seven times in 2021 without scoring a single goal. We understand that defense wins games, but with almost no offense at all, the Lady Wildcats are going to need to make some major adjustments in 2022 in order to be considered a competitor in Region 7.

Presentation Academy:

+ GK #20 TaMya Davis returns

+ 6 Seniors return for 2022

+ Head Coach Larry Childs is gone 

- 10 Seniors graduated in 2021

- Only 19 goals were scored in 10 games in 2021

*The Senior leadership is there for Presentation; but, the Senior leadership was there in 2021 as well. After another embarrassing season, the Lady Toppers welcome new Head Coach, Kylie Kassebaum in hopes of her being able to bring some light and hope to the team. Coach, Larry Childs leaves after joining the team in 2018 and putting together a record of 12-41-2 over four seasons. Presentation has not been in the Top 10 in Region 7 since 2017. Kassebaum looks to at least get them back to that performance level. 


+ 8 Juniors return in 2022

- Started 2021 with a 0-7 record

- Only 2 "true" wins in 2021

- Averaged 1.067 goals per game in 2021

*Seneca comes into 2022 with eight Juniors on their roster. A young team that does have potential. However, Seneca is only averaging 12-15 players per season. If one is ill, absent, etc... the impact on the game can be huge. The defense had 118 goals scored against them in 2021. There's no offensive pressure, there's no defense, and there's simply no consistency. However, 2021 was an improvement, considering the Lady Redhawks had not won a single game since the 2017 season. Head Coach, Ashley Goerke still has a whole lot of work to do to get her team out of the last position in Region 7.


1) Ballard
2) Sacred Heart
3) Assumption
4) Manual 
5 ) Atherton


6) Collegiate
7) KCD
8) CAL
9) Eastern
10) Male


11) Brown
12) Presentation
13) Central
14) Waggener
15) Seneca

**Teams, rosters, and predictions are based on 2021 rosters, results, coaching changes, etc... and the assumption that all players and coaches currently listed with KHSAA as of June of 2022 will be returning for the 2022 season.**