Kentucky Xtreme and Indy Assassins Fight

If you read the post from yesterday titled, Kentucky Xtreme vs Indy Assassins,  you know the "game" ended in an all-out brawl vs the two teams!  Photographer Hope Sani was just a few feet away from where the fight broke out and captured these images...

Kentucky Xtreme General Manager, Victor Cole says, "We're more than likely going to lose our home field and be done forever after this season.  That team hurt us bad."  When asking Cole about the visiting team he said, "I just gt word from the league President that that team will be getting booted from the league."

We may have just witnessed our very last Kentucky Xtreme home game ever, and it surely went out with a "bang."

Here's a few seconds of the fight starting and people rushing the field, from Videographer, Jonathan's perspective: