1.) Do you deliver every image you shoot?
No. Only the photographs that we see fitting of having our name on them.

2.) Do you provide videography services?
Yes. We provide videography for multiple events.

3.) Do you do destination weddings?
Yes. Travel costs, admission, and parking will be an additional fee.

4.) Do you provide partial day coverage?
Yes. Our services are provided by the hour, with minimum hours per event.

5.) Do you shoot in JPEG, Bitmap, etc...?
Mostly in JPEG or RAW. It seems easier to work with on most computers and software.

6.) Do you do Headshots, Individual, Family or Product Photography?
We do all.  However, each may be priced differently.

7.) What is your photography style?
Natural. No studios, not a lot of artificial lighting, no makeup, just simply what's in front of us.

8.) Do you touch up images at all?
Only if requested by the customer.

9.) What happens if my wedding goes over the amount already paid?
You can choose to pay us for overtime if you feel it may be an issue, however, if you agree to pay per hour instead of a set amount, once the time expires we exit the property.

10.) How long until we see our photographs?
All of them...about a week for large events. 24 hours for smaller events, but you will be sent previews throughout that time.

11.) How many images do you typically deliver on average?
20-40 per hour seems to be the average number. However, we've got over 100 before, and then only 10 that appeared good quality before within an hour, so each shoot is different. There is no guaranteed amount.

12.) What size are your photographs?
Our photographs are 3000x1200 on average - up to 6000x4000.

13.) Do you provide negatives?
No. All of our work is done through direct email or emailed to you through a Dropbox link. There are no negatives at all.

14.) What if I lose my photographs?
If you do lose your photographs they are gone. Once they are delivered to you and you let us know you have them, we delete them from our system.

15.) How can you assure my images won't get lost?
We can't. Things happen. Cameras get damaged, memory cards get ruined, etc... You would get a full refund if your images got lost due to an issue that was our fault. However, if you lose your photographs, then that's on you.

16.) Are there travel costs?
Yes. We don't travel more than 300 miles from the City of Louisville, in the State of Kentucky, and travel costs vary depending upon the cost of gasoline at the time of the signed agreement.

17.) Can we pay via credit card?
Yes.  A 3% convenience charge will be applied to your order.

18.) Do you offer any discounts?
No. Our prices are priced to give you the highest quality at the lowest price. Any lower price would be an insult to our company and our employees.

19.) Is tax included?
No. Tax is not included and is 6%.

20.) Do I need to pay a down payment?
Only if you need us to hold a specific date for you, you need to pay a non-refundable 10% of the total agreed upon before the date will be officially booked. Once a date is booked, it's booked!  Even if your event pays us more, we will be sticking to our commitments and stay booked (unless the weather becomes an issue).

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