Abandoned Indian Springs Golf Course

5:15 PM

For three years now, the Indian Springs Golf Course in Louisville, Kentucky has been abandoned and sat as a part of the Indian Springs community.  The community came together and made the 18 hole, 6,698-yard course what they call a "green space."  But, as I discovered, the old golf course designed by Architect Kingsley Stratton, has become anything but "green."

What use to cost you $35-$45+ to play on, now is consumed by more Canadian Geese and fish than humans and their laboring to preserve the land.

Canadian Geese take over the "green" of hole #8

  What use to be a bunker is no longer even fitting enough to be a sandbox

 This bridge along the cart part has been claimed by walnuts

 Can you see where the green and bunker are (us to be)?

The fish swim in high numbers as flying golf balls are no longer a threat

 On the green of hole #7

 The green up close

 Trees and bushes now grow out of the bunkers

 Standing at the tee of a PAR 3.  Green to the right, bunkers to the left

 The cart part is consumed by cracks and weeds within them

PAR 3 over the water

 This statue stands alone along hole #18

The abandoned course is now owned by the community, but the clubhouse is for sale.  A hotel is being built across the street.  Aldi (grocery) has moved in just behind hole #18, and rumors are that a McDonalds will be moving in soon, but I do believe the golf course has seen its last golfers.

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